Hot summer days, riding bikes with friends, and heard it! That faint sound of familiar chimes that sent you racing home to gather whatever money you could beg from your mother, rob from your piggy bank, or find between the couch cushions. We all have fond memories of the ice cream truck and that's why we started Frosty Fun Ice Cream. We want to bring back those happy thoughts of yesteryear for you and create similar memories for the kids of today.

We know that quality service goes hand in hand with a quality product, and that's why we carry such names as:

Good Humor, Blue Bunny and Popsicle

Safety of everyone is the highest priority to Frosty Fun, so all of our drivers go through safe driving instruction, along with a criminal background check, and are subject to random drug testing. You can trust that your children will be looked out for while visiting one of our trucks. Of course, we encourage all parents to visit the truck along with their children and experience the fun also!